Friday, October 28, 2011

Be Patients with Google Adsense

In my article "Adsense Alternatives", I listed 10 alternatives of Google Adsense. Many asked me - "Why not Google? Why something else? Are they better in any way than Google Adsense?"

Let me tell you, I never claimed that the alternatives are better than Google Adsense. I merely pointed out the difficulty of maintaining Google Adsense and restriction.

Some opportunists even asked - "Is Google Adsense income is equals to the income I earn from my job? Can I just quit the job and focus on it?"

The answer varies. If you are fantasizing that you are going to earn above $500 USD per month from the day, you set up your account, the answer is NO. Most people who is new to this business don't even earn over $100 USD. To earn a suitable amount of money, the key is be patients, because sometimes a single click can generate $5 USD where as sometimes 1000 clicks won't earn that.

For the sole reason few people can earn satisfactory income through adsense. Clever and hardworking person try to earn money using a combination of Google Adsense and another alternative at a time along with affiliated marketing.

The main reason for low income in adsense -

1)  Contents: As I said many times, "Content is the King". High paying advertisers in Google Adwords are mainly in "Banking", "Finance", "Lawsuit", "Insurance", "High-Margin-Product" sectors. So if you have contents concerning your personal life, your neighbor health, your articles may not have the potential to attract high paying advertisement.

2)  Design: To make a new visitor to a follower a site must have some unique design structure. If you don't have any interactive visual then high paying advertisers will not be interested to pay for you because you site visitors will unlikely to be genuine clients to them.

3)  Non-Organic Traffic: If your most traffic rely on social networking and traffic exchange websites, i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Digg etc. Then your click through rate will be very blow. It is mainly because the people who follow you through these are used to watching advertisement and try to avoid it. So the best traffic is organic, where people are discovering new territory.

4)  Visitors Regions: If your visitors are mostly coming from far-east countries, your average click earn will be less than $0.005 USD. Because these visitors are mostly unwilling to buy online merchandises. Visitors from Europe and America not to mention Australia are most essential to earn where average click ranges from 20 Cents to $5 USD and more.

5)  Ad Visualization: One true fact, the bigger the advertisement, the more it have the possibility of clicking. So make sure to place it where visitors notice it whenever they visit the site.

6)  Domain Age: A site can apply for Google Adsense only after 6 Month of activation. Google is unlikely to place high-ranking advertisers to a new website. The more it is aged the more it has the possibility to generate high income.

To answer all question all in one, as I said, "Their is no quick earn and get rich scheme" in the world

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