Friday, October 28, 2011

Be Patients with Google Adsense

In my article "Adsense Alternatives", I listed 10 alternatives of Google Adsense. Many asked me - "Why not Google? Why something else? Are they better in any way than Google Adsense?"

Let me tell you, I never claimed that the alternatives are better than Google Adsense. I merely pointed out the difficulty of maintaining Google Adsense and restriction.

Some opportunists even asked - "Is Google Adsense income is equals to the income I earn from my job? Can I just quit the job and focus on it?"

The answer varies. If you are fantasizing that you are going to earn above $500 USD per month from the day, you set up your account, the answer is NO. Most people who is new to this business don't even earn over $100 USD. To earn a suitable amount of money, the key is be patients, because sometimes a single click can generate $5 USD where as sometimes 1000 clicks won't earn that.

For the sole reason few people can earn satisfactory income through adsense. Clever and hardworking person try to earn money using a combination of Google Adsense and another alternative at a time along with affiliated marketing.

The main reason for low income in adsense -

1)  Contents: As I said many times, "Content is the King". High paying advertisers in Google Adwords are mainly in "Banking", "Finance", "Lawsuit", "Insurance", "High-Margin-Product" sectors. So if you have contents concerning your personal life, your neighbor health, your articles may not have the potential to attract high paying advertisement.

2)  Design: To make a new visitor to a follower a site must have some unique design structure. If you don't have any interactive visual then high paying advertisers will not be interested to pay for you because you site visitors will unlikely to be genuine clients to them.

3)  Non-Organic Traffic: If your most traffic rely on social networking and traffic exchange websites, i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Digg etc. Then your click through rate will be very blow. It is mainly because the people who follow you through these are used to watching advertisement and try to avoid it. So the best traffic is organic, where people are discovering new territory.

4)  Visitors Regions: If your visitors are mostly coming from far-east countries, your average click earn will be less than $0.005 USD. Because these visitors are mostly unwilling to buy online merchandises. Visitors from Europe and America not to mention Australia are most essential to earn where average click ranges from 20 Cents to $5 USD and more.

5)  Ad Visualization: One true fact, the bigger the advertisement, the more it have the possibility of clicking. So make sure to place it where visitors notice it whenever they visit the site.

6)  Domain Age: A site can apply for Google Adsense only after 6 Month of activation. Google is unlikely to place high-ranking advertisers to a new website. The more it is aged the more it has the possibility to generate high income.

To answer all question all in one, as I said, "Their is no quick earn and get rich scheme" in the world

Promoting a New Blog

There are many way to increase traffic to a particular website and promote it with fineness. In my last post I have submitted a list of blog directories, through which a site owner can attract unique visitors to his/her blog.

A new blog owner can get a reasonable traffic through it. But above all the content of the site has the final say in it. One of the biggest problems people have when blogging has nothing to do with the lack of traffic coming to their site. It's a symptom of an illness of death. Bad content. Even worse than poorly written original content is content that is not original at all. This is the beginning of the ending for all blogs that want to be taken seriously. I will discuss it with details in near future. For now let review some small tips to attract more traffic to your blog.

1. Add A Link – If it’s a company blog, or if it’s attached to another site, add a link to the blog from the main navigation on the parent website.

2. Create A Navigation Panel – On the main website, add a Menu to the homepage, or sidebar, that promotes the blog.

3. Email – Add a link to the blog in your email signature and recommend individually.

4. Newsletter – Announce the blog in the company newsletter or prospectus.

5. Network – Announce the blog to your Twitter followers, Facebook fans, Linked in connections and any other social networks that you are apart of.

6. Press Release – If you feel that the blog is important enough to support a press release, put one out.

7. Submit – Submit the blog to blog & feed directories.

8. Share – Share your blog with co-workers, friends and others in your network. You never know when they might promote it for you.

9. Link – One way to get other bloggers to notice you is to link to them. Summarize someone else’s long blog post, expand upon someone’s shorter post, or just write your thoughts on a topic that someone else wrote about and link back to the original post.

10. Sample Marketing – If it’s a product related blog, run a promotion on the blog distributed free sample one of your products. Sometimes the value that can come out of it can be more beneficial than all the items above.

11. Guest Post – If there are other blogs in your field or related with your contents, ask around and see if they’d allow you to guest post for them. In return, you’d get a link back to your blog in your profile, or post, on their site.

12. Ask – Tap into the social networks within the industry you’re trying to reach and ask them what they’re interested in. Make communication and proceed accordingly.

By following these simple rules one can get a steady traffic to his/her website. The more you are connected with others the more you will be benefited. The most important factor is to build a moderate social identity on “Facebook”, “Twitter”. And from then it is nothing but a continuous process to attract readers to some rich a live content.

Promote a blog to directories

A blog can help you stay in touch with others, receive feedback from clients, build online reputation and awareness of your new releases. Not to mention, much needed unique visitors can be gained through those directories. In order to gain more exposure and increase your targeted traffic, I created a list with blog directories where you can submit freely (In some cases with money) your blog.
The first classification criterion is Google PageRank followed by Alexa Ranking. The blog directories are listed with links to “Home page”. This list is only for above or equal to  “PR 5” website.

Blog Directory                 PR      Alexa Ranking  Registration Required Category Required  Reciprocal Link         9            2049                   Yes                                No                             No        8           1818                    Yes                               Yes                           No        8            915                     Yes                               Yes                           No      7            605                      Yes                               Yes                          No       7          32097                   Yes                                No                            No                7          1345                     No                                 No                            No   7           42354                    No                               Yes                            No         7          4048                     No                                Yes                           No       6          29545                    No                                No                             No     6          27819                  Yes                                Yes                           No         6          17582                   No                                 No                            No            6           18650                  Yes                                Yes                           No              6           26607                  No                                 Yes                           No           6            2040                   No                                 No                             No       6            63704                 No                                 No                             Yes           6            34191                  Yes                              Yes                             No           6            4550                    No                                Yes                             No              5            47888                  No                                No                              No     5           12327                  Yes                               Yes                             No           5           264796                No                                Yes                             No         5          440439                 No                                Yes                            Yes          5           19618                   Yes                              Yes                             Yes          5            23966                  Yes                               Yes                             No      5            60455                  Yes                               Yes                             No

I will post another list of blog directory in near future with "PR 4 and below".

Adsense Alternatives

Adsense is an ad revenue sharing program instituted by Google as well as many other companies. Adsense is nothing but an integrated code, which webmasters or the owners places in their website. It takes at-least a day for the ads to show up on your website from the day you placed the code. As users visit your site and click on those ads and you will achieve a share of earnings based upon those clicks. The Adsense code generates ads that are targeted towards the keywords used on your website, ensuring that the links are relative and meaningful. The more technically advanced is your adsense, the more relative links will be produced.

However, when using Adsense, the first thing you should do is to read their terms of service and ensure that you are not violating their terms. For example, ads may not be placed on sites that have certain content, such as gambling, drugs or sexual context, so be sure to understand the rules before setting up the code on your website.

There is a limit on how many different ad units you may display at once on your pages or you can determine by yourself how many ads should be placed. They also have a referral program, search box, and tools that you can incorporate with your adsense to earn additional revenue. Be sure to read the terms of use thoroughly to make sure that you don’t exceed the limit of ads on your website.

I will discuss later, how to add adsense on a blog or a website in details in the article “Integrate Adsense in Blogs & Websites”.

Google Adsense is the most profitable and popular adsense program. It is a contextual advertising network and even babies can make enough money if they follow the Guideline and TOS (Terms Or Conditions) thoroughly. Like every other adsense, this service is also free and just requires a good website or blog to start with.

Among the other guidelines the most likeable and hated, though not unjustified, are the following two:
i)                    Banned for illegal activity ( Not meeting context guideline)
ii)                   Using Google Adsense while promoting an alternative network in a website.

Many webmaster fail for the first reason to apply for Google Adsense. And not to mention you have to run a website smoothly and within their guideline to be approved to even place an advertisement. A bit harsh, if you ask me.

Fear not we have alternatives, which are impressive compare to Google’s.

1. AdBrite: Not even near in respect of vast advertisement selection of Google and Clicksor but suitable for beginners. In addition they offer inline page links as well as full page ads which offer an excellent way to monetize all the traffic to your site rather than only the clicks on ads. Their eCPM (Cost Per 1000 Impression) & CTR (Click Through Rate) are also very competitive. They have more relaxed terms and conditions than other Adsenses and one of the oldest company in the market.

A publisher can set his own ad rates, and approve or reject every ad that is purchased for his site. AdBrite also enables to instantly sell ads to the visitors via a "Your Ad Here" link, along with selling through AdBrite's marketplace and sales team.

AdBrite automatically handle serving, scheduling, billing, customer service, and sales of your advertisements. AdBrite also lets you select your own minimum bid prices and give you the option to show an alternative adsense service, such as Clicksor, when bid prices fall below your minimum requirement.

2. BidvertiserUnlike many others Bidvertiser let you decide the design and outlook of the advertisement that is been placed on your site. Bidvertiser could be a good alternative though the price rate is not even near of Google.

Bidvertiser also offer tools to retain high quality advertisement for your website and also an opportunity to block unwanted advertisement automatically or manually.
Many claims to be banned from Bidvertiser without any reason what so ever. But in their forum they specifically drawn out the causes why and all are quiet legimate. If you are trying to click your own ads and try to earn money, do not bother.

3. InfolinksInfolinks is one of the new and fast rising alternatives who specialized in “In-Text-Advertising”. Infolinks search for keywords that are suitable to advertisement in your text-articles and convert them to linkable advertisements. When a user clicks the said link you get paid.

The moist noticeable part is, Infolinks can work effortlessly with other ads services in single website. You can fill the banner ads with AdBrite or Bidvertiser and reserve the In-Text-Advertising for Infolinks. Many try to implement Infolinks and AdBrite both to In-Text-Advertising. Though I would advice, if you are new to this field, then don’t try this. To implement two different service in a same category is a mark of masters, not novice.

4. Chitika: Chitika is one of the best merchandising company in the world. What is different about Chitika is, they show active advertisement boxes rather than standard boxes, many other services show. For example, if a post of your website is discussing a product in general then user will get an active box advertising the same product or a competitive product. If user somehow buys the product then you will get commission.

But now Chitika also offer a service named Premium Ads, which predicts click to select ads and improve the chance to click and earn daily more revenue. You can also ads on targeted products based on visitor trends and you can also turn it of automatically to show an alternative to achieve greater revenue.

5. Clicksor: One of the leading services in small publishing adsense. Their cost per click is high enough to rival even google. Rules and regulation are also more relaxed than google. For example, unlike google, they tolerate up to a single pop-ups or DHTML code in a page.

The main problem they have is the statistics they provide of a specific website, where their ads are active is not totally correct sometimes. But their single account, like others, allows multiple websites. Clicksor also have problem with accepting domains outside North America and England.

6. AdToll: AdToll pays on Cost-Per-Click basis. The main advantage is that you can use your income as publisher to purchase advertisement to globalize and promote your own website. Such benefit is rare compare to other alternatives.

AdToll uses Peel-Away-Ads technologies on the top right corner of a website. As a matter of fact, its click-usage is more than the other for this sole technology because it draw more curious visitors to click on the ads.

7. Exit Junction: Exit Junction has unique way to monetize ads revenue compare to other alternatives. Unlike others they show ads when a users leave the website rather than when they enter. It is more useful like when user only visits for few second and leave with monetize your published ads.
Exit Junction also covers all the country of the world and they have many payout methods.

8. Yahoo Publishing Network: Yahoo Publishing Network promise you the most suitable google alternatives. Even their Rules and TOS are almost same. They also have $ 100.00 minimum payout.

Although their system not publicly accepted, has been under beta test for 3 or 4 years at-least. Not to mention, no active steps been taken to release it in full version. Yahoo is very selective in accepting advertisers and publishers. Even when you register, they even won’t bother to reply to you. That’s why YPN is so low-ranked in my list.

9. Value Click Media: The main deference between Google Adsense and VCM is acceptance of advertiser. Where google accepts all advertisers, whether it is a small or large company, VCM only accepts large and top-level advertisers.

So, as a publisher your website have to be very good in context and visual to be accepted on VCM. Though once you have been accepted, you will have very high paying ads in your website.

10. Kontera: Kontera is many ways look like Infolinks. They are even more graphical than Infolinks. Like Infolinks Kontera is also a contextual ad service. But the no. of advertisers are not much compare to Infolinks and above all eCPM and CPC is not high enough.

Though you have the option to negotiate the revenue percentage later in the process, if your websites are making a continuous revenue per day. Kontera representatives are very friendly and ready to feed you all the time. You can work with your website in a relaxed way.

You can work with a single alternative or can work with multiple, simultaneously. What even suits you, only you can tell and it depend on the context of your website. Only Rules and TOS are the most important to remain active.


In 6 year of internet business, I have come to many scheme like “work 3 hour a day in a month and earn $5000+ or more. Let me tell you, at least 99.99% of those are fake. There is no procedure like quick earn and get rich scheme in the world.

Let me give some example,

  1. One of the most irritating scheme are those is “promote a site”. If they claim to give above of $0.15 per click, it is no doubt a spam. For example, “” claims they give $0.50 per direct promotion and $0.10 per first level promotion. I for one was one of the victims of them. I worked for them for two months in early 2009. My unpaid balance was $210.30. Minimum payable balance was $100.00. Needless to say, till today, I never received any money despite every possible way I tried to communicate with them.

But I have come across a site “”, whose head office is in kolkata. I have worked for them at least 6 months nearly 3 years ago. Their scheme was 7 rupees per ad-posting. They paid me. Although now when I visit their websites for last 3 or 4 months, it is constantly on maintenance. I don’t know what happened to them. I was unable to visit their office personally due to other work load and personal reasons. If you are interested, the visit the website and you will find their contact details.

2. The websites that claims to offer and distribute off-line jobs, like form-fill-ups, data conversions, data-corrections and many more. One thing is for sure if they distribute off-line jobs they don’t advertise it on-line. The reason is mainly-

a)              99.999% of offline jobs are distributed on local basis. The companies, who distributes jobs exclusively depends on local marketing and avoids globalizations, because the various and though schemes they tends to apply will not be accepted in global market and it will hamper the job processing and finalizations.

I have also done those kinds of jobs, mainly form-fill-ups. The distributers are of kolkata, India. They are no doubt one of the toughest and riskiest businesses, but they are genuine.Global Net Solution in Dumdum is one of them.

Robust Systems and Data Entry Services India in Kolkata are also two of those. Although I have never worked with them bust my friends and colleagues have worked with them and they are satisfied.

b)              If you have 3 or 4 hour free a day, I discourage you to do this kind of jobs. You can’t even earn enough money to cover the subscription value if you are planning to work 2 to 4 hours a day. You have to work at least 7 to 8 hours to at-least buy some candy for your kids and that’s saying something for 99.98% job accuracy.

In net business, the most profitable and genuine source is no doubt Adsense. Google is by every possible way the world most superior and vast option in this market.
All you have to do to publish a website or a blog on your own and subscribe to any adsense, though I suggest “Google Adsense” and wait and see how much money you earn in a period of time.

Google have restrictions and many people fail to acknowledge it. No need fear. There are many alternatives which are as good as google.

The top ten alternatives are:
  1. AdBrite
  2. Bidvertiser
  3. Infolinks
  4. Clicksor
  5. Chitika
  6. AdToll
  7. Exit Junction
  8. Yahoo Publisher Network
  9. Value Click Media
  10. Kontera
You will hear more about them in my other post titled “Adsense Alternatives”.
A statistics for you:
Average income from adsense per month:
Less than $50                                       23.53%
$50 - $100                                           12.50%
$100 - $200                                         8.82%
$200 - $500                                         12.50%
$500 - $1000                                       11.76%
$1000 - $2000                                     8.82%
$2000 - $5000                                     5.15%
$5000 - $10000                                   10.29%
$10000 - $20000                                 2.94%
More than $20000                               3.68%
Yes people it can be done. But to earn more than $2000, your website have to be in the top level popularity basis, it have to be in 500,000 ranking in and last but not the least, it should have at-least half million unique visitors. No doubt a gigantic website.
But you can earn $500 to $1500 per month if you work hard. I will guide you step by step on how to create a profitable website later in the post “Creating a Website for Adsense”.
The others internet jobs, which are deemed to be mentioned are mainly of three types. At least for me they are suitable. I am mainly inexperienced on those, working for near about 1 year, so I will only mention those, I have come across and confirm profitable and genuine. I will add more in future as I see fit as well as other jobs.
Here they are:
a)      Ad Surfing PTC(Paid To Click)
b)      Referral Business
c)      Affiliated Business
Like every other jobs in internet business, PTC jobs are also filled with spam all over the world. The deference is they can be easily distinguished. With little hard work and very few disappointments, I have managed to discover some of those honest sites and companies that pay.
PTC is a kind of work which contain viewing advertisements of products and services or/and advertisement of your fellow workers. Many of the PTC sites also offer PTP (Paid To Promote). Though PTP rates are almost nil, I advise you to promote as much as possible because it trends to bring referral under you.
If you are depending only on your work then the job not worth it. When I first joined I worked alone without any referral. I worked on 22 website where 13 of them didn’t pay me (SPAM). I earned approx $21.50 from others in total. Do not worry, what I suffered you won’t. In the post “Genuine PTC Sites” I will guide you through sites which are genuine and how to make comfortable money on those.
For example: If you work on a PTC website for 20 minutes per day alone without any referral you would likely earn $2.20 per month on average. Not even an amount which can be mentioned, I know. But if you have 50 referrals under your belt then you can at-least earn $20.00 per month from the website. Imagine, you are working on 15 top rated PTC sites and you have 200 active referrals on each of them (which I have now). I can assure you, you will earn $310.00 per month minimum.
The main problem on your path would be how to achieve active referrals under you. You can’t even think of making comfortable money without a competitive amount of referrals in PTC. On the contrary, you can’t even earn any noticeable money in any above 3 businesses with any referrals.

In my post “How To Engage Active Referral Under You”, I will explain thoroughly, the process to earn enough referral and make comfortable money.